Custom manufactured presses are special presses supported with special dimensions according to usage. We can offer special design presses to our customers for special and mass production. Industry knowledge and experience are required to make special design presses. HYMEC PRESS is a company that has developed itself in this field thanks to the superior experience.


Below are some of our special design presses. We can design and produce following presses and more different applications for our customers.

Silo Sheet Drilling (Vaccum Handling)

Silo sheet drilling presses are used to pierce necessary connection points when producing silo storage products. We offer a vacuum loading and unloading system to facilitate use and save space and time.

Hydraulic Drawing Press

Hydraulic Drawing Presses are specially developed for applying the desired shapes to the metal plates.

Eccentric Press Pneumatic Clutch

Eccentric presses are driven by an electric motor and are presses with a center shaft. The pressing hammer is connected to this shaft.Pneumatic clutchs is the tool that uses air force to change the speed of movement.

H Type Eccentric Press

H Type Eccentric Presses are specially developed for applying the eccentric forces in order to provide a smoother and faster production.

Silo Sheet Drilling Press

We produce silo sheet drill press to drill silo connected points in silo production line. Vacuum material loading and unloading systems are designed according to the first in first out principle.

Shipbuilding Press

Shipbuilding presses are one of the basic machines used in shipbuilding in shipyards. These machines are used in the manufacture of big ships to form ship side wall plates and to bend the profiles in the ship skeleton to the desired degrees.

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