Servo system automatically detects any faults in operation of a mechanism and checks them with the help of a side feedback device system.Servo press can be used in all pressing operations such as in hydraulic or pneumatic presses, and this machinery provides precision force control.

Servo motor control, in applications where speed and position control is required, is sent to a decision-making unit with feedback and adjusts the behavior of the system and makes the final check. Combined with the efficiency of mechanical presses and the high forming power of hydraulic presses, servo motor driven presses are approved to be the next generation in conventional press machines.


  • Each stage of the pressing motion is controlled electronically in all its details.
  • Since it has a continuous control device, it quickly approaches the pressing point and the speed is reduced at the moment of pressing and the collision is prevented. Sudden withdrawal movement is done after pressing. By this way, the entire cycle time is minimized.
  • Press operation can be controlled without the use of external sensors.
  • In case of possible part breaks or faulty part feeds, the servo press warns the operator. In this way, faulty parts production is prevented and a quality control mechanism is created.
  • All operation data can be stored digitally. In this way, it is not necessary to re-enter the information of continuously processed products.
  • It does not require frequent maintenance, its maintenance times are low.

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