In fact, we use hydraulic press machines in our daily lives in a similar way. For example, we take the orange juice by splitting the oranges that we bought in our house to drink fresh orange juice and then squeezing it with our hands or with the help of an apparatus. In fact, the application we made here is the process of removing water from the orange.As with orange, we can also extract the juice of other fruits with the help of a press.

In huge factories, we see very large machines. In our factories, these simple processes are made with the help of presses in the factories on more difficult metals.

The hydraulic press is the type of press that works as a result of the oil pump in the machine sending pressurized oil to the system. In short, hydraulic presses work with oil pressure. Hydraulic presses, molding, shaping and forming can be compared with mechanical presses are easier to do compared to presses.These presses can provide very high tonnages (more than 50 tonnes) of compression force.


Hydraulic press is one of the machines to shape the material in big factories. These machines are used in many sectors such as industry, automation, wood and packaging sectors and can be grouped under two main headings. The first is mechanical and the other is hydraulic prest. Previously, the rate of use of mechanical presses and their usefulness ratio is very low. Hydraulic presses, which are one of the most widely used machines in our day, are used in many factories as molding machine and forming and working with oil pressure.

Hydraulic presses send an intensive oil pressure to the system, allowing the pistons to run faster. Thus, the materials can be shaped. Bathtub, marble, countertop, tube, cooker, antenna.car doors, sink and dozens of vehicles that you can think of with the help of hydraulic press is applied by applying pressure of 50 tons. In mechanical presses, the applied force is not constant, therefore it does not have sufficient effect and velocity.

Hydraulic Pattern Press

For this reason, mechanical presses are not preferred. The production of mechanical presses per minute is limited and few. Hydraulic presses are more suitable for today's technology and you can adjust the speed as you wish. Hydraulic presses are smaller and more functional, so they are always preferable.

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